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10549 Airline Hwy 
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Who we are:
The Aquarium Store in Baton Rouge (formally know as Marks Marine Aquarium) is a specialty marine fish, tropical fish, coral, and pond store. With over twenty years of experience in the hobby we were the very first saltwater only specialty fish store to opened in Baton Rouge....since 1989!

We truly appreciate and value our customers.  Thank you so much for supporting your local small business!
What we do:
We provide our customers with excellent knowledge and guidance and teach them how to properly set up and maintain saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums, and ponds. 

Offer weekly, monthly, or one time appointment maintenance for our customers aquariums in their home or business.  Weather you don't ever want to lift a finger and  just want to enjoy your aquarium or just have us come out for a one time cleaning or water change.

Provide our customers with the largest selection of saltwater fish, coral, invertebrates, tropical fish, and equipment in Baton Rouge at our retail store.  See our About Us page to see pictures of our store!!!

Special order hard to get species and merchandise for our customers.

Have very competitive prices on everything will sell!!!

Build our own custom aquarium stands for our customers that are constructed better than anything else in the market.

Offer endless possibilities on aquarium size and shape and offer the cabinet/stand to be done in the color, type of wood, veneers, carvings, and moldings of your choice.

Give our customers educated and honest information.  We won't sell you something that you really don't need and we won't tell you a filter that's insufficient will do the job to make a sale.

We gladly will hold a  fish for you in the store for one week to make sure it's free of disease and eating well before you take it home.  We provide this service because there is no guarantee on saltwater fish.  If  the fish stays in our medicated tanks it receives preventative disease treatment.  This insures that you get a healthy fish and it  won't put your other fish at risk for catching any new diseases.  Much better for the old fish, new fish, and you!